Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ellie has decided that if she is not tired then her binkie is a toy.  The other day, her thumb got stuck!
I love picking out outfits for Ellie in the morning, but I might have the most fun on Sundays.  It is so fun to dress Ellie up!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a great day.  It started off with my Primary meeting, and Darci put up a "happy birthday" banner and they got breakfast from Kneaders (love the Pumpkin bread!) and got me a nice present.  We had a completely entertaining meeting hearing about Julie's job woes and Darci's fun times at Ward Council, and Nina's fantastic phone calls.  Oh, and we got some work done, too!
Then I was off to lunch at Cafe Rio.  Ellie was really enjoying herself, being the center of attention (like she always is).  When Tammy was holding her, she got a hold of T's lunch and pulled it right off the table and on to the floor.  Luckily, it missed Tammy's lap!

After lunch, we went to Ikea to pick out my birthday present.  I really wanted some more bookshelves, so that I do not have to double-stack books anymore...  Ellie did great and took a snooze as we wandered around the store.  We had a great time building the bookshelves when we got home, until the last one.  I was pretty much on auto-pilot then, and forgot to double-check myself, and I put in one of the shelves backwards.  I did not notice until we stood the shelf up.  The worst part was that we had to completely pull the bookshelf apart, and now we have beautiful nail holes on that shelf.  It's going to be a daily reminder to PAY ATTENTION.
I think that these may be the same shelves that Mom got for her basement.  And since Greg is so tall, we got a height extender.  I can't reach that shelf - but he can!  For dinner, Greg took me to Texas Roadhouse, and then we came back home and just hung out.  The best part was basically spending the whole day with Greg and Ellie.  It was so much fun to celebrate with a baby.

Celebrations continued today, as I headed back to Cafe Rio for lunch with Gwen, Shannon, and Jo (can you tell it's my favorite lunch spot?). Tammy joined us about halfway through. It is always fun to hang out with these ladies, and they have ALMOST convinced me to become a quilter....


Kelly said...

Sounds like you were well taken care of on your special day! Love the bookshelves. Happy Birthday, friend.

gadgetjunkie said...

Glad you had a happy busy day.


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