Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Club and Sewing

Last night at Book Club, Kandice let me put Ellie in Thomas' jumper.  She loved it (which we are not surprised at). It was a lot springier than hers is, and she went crazy in it for about 45 minutes.  Ellie has really small feet compared to the rest of her - she is wearing 6-9 month clothes, and 0-3 month shoes, which are way to big.  Who needs a toy when you have shoes on your feet?
Jonette brought Ellie some clothes, and today we put on this adorable white blouse and tan skirt outfit.  It made Ellie look so old to be wearing such grown-up clothes!  Ellie is getting really good at scooting and reaching for toys.  It is fun to watch her go after things.

After Institute class this morning, Ellie and I went to Gwen's house and hung out while Gwen, Jo, Shannon, and Vicki sewed.  Everyone is making such cute projects that it made me want to learn how to quilt.  Until I started helping Jo by ironing her fat quarters, and I realized that I will never be a serious sewer until I get over my ironing aversion.
Ellie is the happiest baby, especially when she gets a good nap!  She wakes up and just smiles and talks.  She was even singing this afternoon.  It is amazing to me that E can now talk and smile with her binkie in.

We have been trying rice cereal for 3 weeks now, so tonight I decided it was time to try sweet potatoes.  I started with cereal, and Ellie only took about 3 bites before letting me she was done with that.  I put some sweet potatoes in a new bowl, and she ate it all up.  I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough!  It was so funny to watch her take the first bite - you could tell she expected it to be cereal.  After making a funny face, she smacked her lips, swallowed, and opened up like a little baby bird for more.  Super cute!

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Renee said...

I saw that you guys were busy at Gwen doing something spectacular today! I am jealous! Maybe someday I will be able to join the crowd of talented ladies in this ward and learn how to sew...a straight line would be good! :) I love Ellie! She has to be the happiest baby in the world!


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