Monday, February 15, 2010

A breakthrough

We have experienced a breakthrough!  Yesterday Ellie seemed to really like her cereal, opening her mouth as soon as she had swallowed, wanting another bite.  Greg tells me that I just need to learn more patience - it "only" took 10 days...
This weekend was Stake Conference, and the messages were all on self-reliance.  I am motivated to reevaluate many areas of our lives to see where we can do better.  After the Sunday morning session, Davis came over and asked if he could be Ellie's Valentine.  I thought that was a fabulous idea!
We went to my mom's house for dinner to celebrate my birthday and Teri's birthday.  Mom cooked up a yummy meal, complete with my favorite dessert ever - Gooey Butter.  It was great to see Jon, Teri, and Gwen again.  Gwen is getting really big!  Unfortunately, I talked about taking pictures of the babies, and then they both fell asleep and I didn't get it done.  Ellie was fascinated by Gwen.  When we were eating, we had them both on blankets on the floor, and Ellie rolled on to her tummy so she could watch Gwen.  When Gwen got hungry, Teri picked her up to feed her, and Ellie looked around and then cried herself that the entertainment was gone!

After we left my mom's house, we went to Greg's parent's house to welcome back his mom, who was fresh off the airplane from a Mexican cruise.  It was great to hear about what she had been doing with grown-up Gwen.

Ellie is figuring out how to scoot.  It is amazing how far she can go!

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Beth said...

Oh that picture will break Jayston/Beckett's heart. I can't believe Ellie has a valentine!

Of our my goals for 2010 is to be more self reliant. I am trying to cook as much as I can from scratch. It's rough!


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