Saturday, February 20, 2010


Rod, Jayme, Jasmine, and brand-new baby Byron, as well as Kyle & Jonette and Co. are in town, and it was fun to get together last night and catch up.  Bryon is really a pretty baby, just like his sister.
Jasmine and Ellie were fascinated with each other, and Jasmine wanted to hold Ellie.  They seem like almost the same size when they are sitting on the ground.  And Brayden was Ellie's biggest fan all night.  He played with her so much that Ellie spit up all over his foot.  (Luckily, they were in the kitchen and she was kind of leaning forward - it hit his pants a little bit, and then got all over the floor).  Ellie is also fascinated with Macy and just belly-laughed at her all night long!

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