Thursday, March 4, 2010

7 Months Old

Ellie's 7 months old highlights:

* loves to sit up and is perfectly content if she has toys to play with
* will stay in her jumper as long as I let her - and often whimpers when I pull her out of it
* still not sure about eating from a spoon - much prefers her bottle
* starting to talk more and more, and will just babble away
* recognizes some signs and words
* loves to be sung to, especially the songs from Baby Signing Time
* recognizes that when Daddy's truck turns on, Dad is about to leave, and will get fussy
* loves to be in the water, either the bathtub or the shower
* giggles whenever she sees the "baby" in the mirror
* prefers to lay down in her crib and go to sleep - which is awesome when we are home and tough when we are out and about (because she resists being rocked to sleep)


Beth said...

Oh how sweet! I thought about her today when I realized Beck is six months today.
Make sure you watch and learn the signs with her because once she starts signing she will want to be understood!
Happy seven months baby girl

Traci said...

She is getting to big!! Love the pic's.

dancindiva said...

Such a gorgeous girl! Love those eyes!


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