Friday, March 5, 2010

Steph's Birthday Lunch

“As I have attempted to establish priorities, I have learned that we may almost always have too much to do. As a mother at home with only two children, I have too much to do. How much greater the demands are for women who work outside the home or whose families are large or who are parenting their children alone! As I think about our time constraints, I conclude that God has not intended that we should be able to do everything we would like to do. If there were not more to do than we are individually capable of doing, we wouldn't have to make choices and we would never realize what we value most.” - Jeanne Inouye, “Be of Good Cheer,” Ensign (CR), November 1993, p. 96

How grateful I am that I have good friends that help me prioritize my time!  We got together yesterday for a potluck lunch to celebrate Steph's birthday.  I pulled my camera out to take a picture of Thomas and Ellie (which didn't turn out great) before lunch, and then forgot about it until half of the ladies had left.  And then I took a really great picture of Ilene, Tiff, Kandice, and Erin, but Ilene said I am not allowed to post any more pictures of her on the blog.  

So, here for your viewing pleasure is a cute picture of Ilene's Miss Ellie.
Getting together was just what I needed.  It was fun having all of the younger kids there (made for beautiful background music).  At one point I was feeding my Ellie a bottle, and she dropped her toy.  Erin's Tait was being helpful and bent down to pick it up for me.  I asked him to give it back to Ellie and he immediately started around the table to give it to Ilene's Ellie.  So I told him that my baby was also named Ellie, and he was a little confused that there could be 2 babies with the same name!

Happy birthday Steph!  You look awesome for having just turned 28.  Or is it 33?  You are so young!

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