Saturday, March 6, 2010


Greg's Uncle Ed was in town overnight, after taking a 3500 mile trip from Montana to Kansas City to Phoenix to Lehi, on his way back to Montana.  I texted Tammy to find out what the plans were, and she said they were meeting for dinner at 4 at Texas Roadhouse.  I texted back, "Holy senior citizens!"  It is kind of a running joke about how early grandmas and grandpas like to eat dinner.  It was smart in this case, though, because we totally beat the crowd.  I have eaten at this restaurant 3 times now, and every time Ellie has slept completely through it.  This is amazing to me, because it has to be the noisiest restaurant ever!

After dinner, we all headed back to the homestead to hang out.  Ellie let Uncle Ed hold her for a minute, but then she was done.  I love the expression on her face!  (Don't worry, I "rescued" her right after taking this picture...)
Ellie was fascinated by Andrew, and just wanted to play by him all night long.  She was happiest when she was touching him!  Andrew shared his cars very well with Ellie, and he wanted to play with her toys, too.  Although, it is probably easy to share when Ellie didn't care about switching cars around, as long as she had something in her hand.  How fun to have cousins!

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