Monday, March 15, 2010

The Weekend

Last Thursday I got to see Jon Schmidt in concert at the Library Gala.  My friend Amy and I snagged a picture with him after the show - and he is pretty short!
On Friday night, Greg, Ellie, and I joined Todd and Rachel in watching their 2 oldest boys play in a regional church basketball game.  (They lost...).  Ellie loves Uncle Todd - and her snail!
After the game we went to dinner at Kneader's, and then we all headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit with Grandpa's sister Margaret.  Daniel loves to take pictures for me, and he got a couple of funny shots of us when we were getting Ellie ready for bed.
Last night we celebrated Greg's mom's birthday at our house.  We first had Mom, Dad, Daniel, Tammy, and Rod over for dinner, cooking many of mom's favorite foods (shrimp, mahi mahi, twice-baked potatoes, salad, rolls).  Then Todd & Rachel and Paul & Staci and Dave (along with all of the kidlets) joined us for dessert, which was a lemon bonanza.  I made lemon bars, Todd made lemon cheesecake, and Staci and Dave both made lemon cakes.  Yum!


Jenny and Josh said...

haha, Jon grew up in my parents ward! (took my sister on a date once) If you think he is short you should see his parents! It is AMAZING he got as tall as he did!

Amy Conklin said...

LOVED this night! So glad we can be "groupies" together!


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