Saturday, April 17, 2010

(I can't think of a cute title)

On Tuesday at group lesson we played with food coloring and marshmallows, "painting" the letters of the music alphabet on marshmallows and then building triads and chords.  Zack figured out how to imprint the food coloring on his tongue when we were done, and then suddenly they were all licking the food coloring off and running to look at their tongues in the mirror.  Fun!
We have been waiting for the new car and warmer weather to put Ellie in her "big girl" car seat.  We got it installed, and it only took 30 minutes to figure it out and get it tight.
I put wrist rattles on Ellie the other day, and she was not quite sure what to make of them...
Yesterday my cool friend Elizabeth invited us to come over and play in her backyard.  Kati brought over a jump-n-play, and the neighbors gradually drifted out to hang out.  It was so fun to see everyone and watch all of the kids play.
After playing, Ellie and I went home and got ready for her first trip to the swimming pool.  Paul and his boys were going and they invited us to meet them.  Ellie wasn't to sure about the water and the noise and the people at first.  She just looked around at everything and took it all in.  After a couple of minutes, she decided it was her new favorite thing and she had a great time.  It is really loud by the kiddie pool, and E started screaming with delight, and getting louder and louder and louder (to hear herself over all of the noise?).  It was super cute!

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Elizabeth said...

It sure was fun to hang out yesterday. Let's do it lots! Thanks for calling me your cool friend. You're cool too. Stay cool.


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