Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tender Mercies

I print my blogs into books, and last night took the ones from 2009 to the Library Board meeting so that Amy could see them (and decide if she wants to print her blog).  After coming home and getting Ellie to bed, I spent some time reading the book from Tayler's blog.  I was overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude for her and her decision to give us Ellie.  I stayed up until 1 a.m. reading and thinking and feeling.  Today while Ellie has napped I read the book from this blog, and am struck anew with a sense of awe and wonder at how much my life has changed in the last year.  Ellie is an amazing gift, and I am daily grateful for her and for Tayler.

A couple of weeks ago, I finished reading The Undaunted by Gerald Lund.  It was a great book about the Mormon pioneers who blazed a trail and built wagon roads through southern Utah to the Four Corners area.  The take-home message from the book, to me, was a quote attributed to Jens Nielsen, to the effect that you have to go through, even if you cannot.

I was inspired by that thought, since sometimes lately I find myself throwing a personal pity party.  Life is only as hard as I make it!

The most amazing thing about this story is that the pioneers didn't just work incredibly hard and take 6 months to build roads for only a couple hundred miles through untamed wilderness - those roads were used for another year.  And Brother Lund says that many of the pioneer journals talk a lot about building the road through the Hole in the Rock (with a 50% grade), and the experience going through it for the first time, but almost no journals talk about building a road and going through The Chute, although it was just as difficult.  To me, it's almost as if by conquering the obstacle of the Hole in the Rock, these pioneers knew they could do anything.

So these concepts are kind of intertwining in my mind.  The idea that you have to go through, even if you cannot, and the feelings of love and gratitude for knowing Ellie and having her be a part of our family.  I am so grateful for the tender mercies of perspective-granting reminders, and for the miracles of adoption.

I am reminded of the words of Elder Bednar:
When words cannot provide the solace we need or express the joy we feel, when it is simply futile to attempt to explain that which is unexplainable, when logic and reason cannot yield adequate understanding about the injustices and inequities of life, when mortal experience and evaluation are insufficient to produce a desired outcome, and when it seems that perhaps we are so totally alone, truly we are blessed by the tender mercies of the Lord and made mighty even unto the power of deliverance (see 1 Ne. 1:20).


Beth said...

That is the sweetest thing I have read. You always has a wonderful perspective that I have not considered before.
I have been overwhelmed these last few weeks (some good things, but mostly bad) so I need to be reminded that I can and will do this.

Julie M said...

Heather...beautifully put!!! What a great post heading into conference and Easter weekend.

Kelly said...

I've been wanting to read that book for a while now. Thanks for endorsing it. Great perspective--thanks for the boost this morning. I needed it!

Rachelle said...

Love the book, love the quote, love the video clip too! Were you thrilled with your book, I have used and loved it...wanted to see your thoughts. Enjoy your husband without meetings tomorrow!! it's my favorite Sunday of the year!


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