Monday, May 10, 2010

The creation of the Mother's Day Cookies

Since I have absolutely no baking skills whatsoever, Elizabeth was gracious enough to come over on Saturday and spend the day teaching me how to bake cookies (and really make the cookies pretty much by herself).  She says she supervised; I say I was her assistant.  Her husband Russ and Greg were on a campout with the Scouts (which is why Greg delegated the cookie-making task to me), and Davis and Ellie played so well together while we were concocting.
After the guys got home, Elizabeth went home for a couple of hours, and then came back with Merrill, Joanna and their kids for dinner.  I got some great "funny face" pictures!
After dinner we created an assembly line and packaged up the cookies.  It was a fun day - especially since Ellie pulled herself up on the love sac 18 times.


Elizabeth said...

Was it really EIGHTEEN times? :)

Traci said...

The cookies were yummy. I wondered if you made them.


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