Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Montana Trip - Days 3-5

Saturday morning started out rainy and cold.  Tammy and Kyle left around 9 to go and watch Kaysen play in a soccer tournament.  The rest of us enjoyed a relaxing morning at the house.  Around noon, Jonette, Kylene, and I went prom shopping (picking up Loren's boutonniere, getting Kylene some nails and jewelry) which was so much fun!  Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that Kylene is 17 years old...

After taking Kylene back home to start getting ready, and delivering Kiera to a Girls' Camp First Aid Certification activity, Jonette, Daniel, and I met Greg and Kyle at Kaysen's second soccer game of the day.  It was fun to see Kays in action, even though his team got slaughtered.
Tammy had volunteered to stay home with Ellie, because T didn't want to stand in the rain again.  Luckily for us, it was sunny and nice.  Tammy took Ellie up to the loft and was playing with her.  T reports that after a few minutes, Ellie started crawling towards the door.  She almost got there, and then just put her head down and looked at Tammy.  E started sticking her tongue out (the little mimic will always stick her tongue out if you stick yours out) and after a few minutes of that, her eyes closed and she was fast asleep.  Tammy said it was easy babysitting, because E basically slept the whole time we were gone.
After shopping (at Costco, of course), we headed back to the house to play and eat and play some more.  Ellie loves all of the people to play with!
Ellie is so smart and is starting to sign back to us.  She has done "more" and "shoes" so far.  In this picture, Kiera is watching Baby Signing Time with Ellie, and Ellie is doing "shoes."  

After dinner, I put Ellie to bed and the rest of the family went to Kylene's friend's house to take prom pictures.  The problem with multiple cameras is that no one ever looks in the same place at the same time...  Greg did pretty good, though!
On Sunday, we got up and went to church, and then spent the day visiting and playing Hand & Foot.  Greg was on a total winning streak and creamed the rest of us every time he played.  Mom and I agreed that someone has to be the loser, and it's OK that it was us ALL DAY LONG!

Ellie makes the funniest faces sometimes.  It's part fake cry, part whining, part cuteness.  This picture does not really do it justice, but you get the idea.
We stayed up way too late playing cards, trying to pretend that we did not have to come home the next day.  We were supposed to get up at 4 and leave by 5.  I woke up in a panic at 3, then rolled over again and did not hear my alarm go off.  Luckily, I woke up at 5:02 and we were gone by 5:45.  Tammy was a good girl and got up at 4, but she didn't wake us up!  Ellie did awesome in the car again on the way home.

 It was good to go, and it is good to be back.  Greg made the most interesting comment on Sunday afternoon.  He said that he has never heard anyone say anything mean about Grandpa John.  And it's genuine.  Grandpa John was one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  It was a privilege to know him.

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