Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Bruise

Ellie is getting more adventurous and will "cruise" along the furniture.  She loves to stand up and hold on to anything that is handy.  A couple of times now she has been balancing with only one hand holding on to the furniture (or me) and then has let go and stood for a couple of seconds.

Last night we were hanging out at Greg's parents, and Ellie was getting tired.  She was crawling around the family room and tried to pull herself up on the end table.  She overdid it and bonked right into the table.  That thunk was the saddest sound ever.  And now Ellie has her first bruise on her forehead.

This picture was taken as soon as I got her to stop crying last night.  It already looks better this morning.


Kathryn said...

Oh! That first head-bonk is always the worst - for YOU! Glad to hear it wasn't too bad. :)

Emily said...

My boys always fell, hit their face or head, and developed a bruise the day before I had photos scheduled. Every time!

Traci said...

OH poor girl. Even though I'm sure there will be plenty more. Hang in there MOM.


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