Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sunday dinner at my mom's house was a great time to get together and celebrate Jon's kids being here for the summer and for Amy being here from China.  Ellie and I went a little early to hang out with Mom and Amy, since I knew we would need to leave early because of Ellie's early bedtime.  Ellie entertained us all with her tricks and general cuteness.

Amy had some music playing when we got there, and then she told us she was able to buy the "My Turn On Earth" soundtrack on iTunes - so of course we had to listen to it.  Ah, such memories!  Ellie was rocking out to the music.  She is a good dancer.

After dinner, we took some photos since all of the grandkids were together.  Sarah has the best pouty face ever - totally beautiful!
Sarah - 9; Lyssa - 13; Travis - 11; Amber - 13; Adam - 15 
Height Order

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