Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camp Family Reunion - Days 2 & 3

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear.  Ellie was so happy to be fed and changed and to play in the tent.  She thought the slippery sleeping bags were hilarious.
After relaxing for a while and watching Ellie play, we got ready for the day and headed up to the lodge (where most people were sleeping and all of the meals and activities took place).  Since it was Sunday, we had a "Worship in the Woods" service where some people stood up and mentioned a favorite hymn and then we all sang it.  This was wonderful!  I love singing with the family.
Then Jared and his fancy new camera took pictures of the family groups (since every family was wearing the same colored shirts - Prestwiches/Red, Forsbergs/Green, Camps/Purple, Evans/Dark Blue, Butlers/Light Blue) and we played for a while. 
At the lodge there is an impressive slide that goes from off of the back deck down to the play area.  I thought it would be scary, but it was super fun!  And Greg took Ellie down.  We are not sure if she liked it or not...

Two exciting things happened Sunday afternoon.  First, Ellie climbed the stairs for the very first time.
Second, Jen broke her ankle.  That may have been exciting, but in a SUPER BAD way.  Jen took her 3-year-old daughter Abby down the slide (which is against the rules) and caught her foot somehow, which put just the right pressure to snap her bone.  She had a compound fracture and dislocated her ankle.  Of course, all of the men and her sisters ran right down the stairs, and Bobi donated Lortab, and they gave her a blessing and splinted her up and loaded her in Bryen's van and drove to the hospital in Driggs.  The good thing is that Nate (her husband) is an EMT and Sherri is a nurse, so we had competent medical help.  Once Jen got to Driggs and got a morphine drip, they sent her on to the Rexburg hospital, where she had surgery on her ankle Monday morning.  Dad and Pat stopped to see her on their way down to Utah and she was out of surgery and doing well.  I hope she recovers quickly!

After Jen was whisked away, the rest of us kind of looked at each other for a few minutes in shock, and then continued with the regularly scheduled activities.  We had an auction to raise money for the next family reunion and then had a program celebrating Grandpa and Grandma Camp's lives.  Dad put together an amazing slide show with pictures and Mark Richardson recorded a narration.  Interspersed with the slide show we (can you guess?  well, what else - but we) sang!  Amy played the piano and sang a duet with Uncle Bob.  It was a great program.  After the slide show, the "original" siblings spoke for a few minutes each, bearing testimonies and talking about their parents.

Then we had dinner and played games and talked for the rest of the night.  Greg got Ellie to go to sleep around 9:30 and we put her in her stroller in a dark and quiet room down the hall from where we were playing cards.  We checked on her a few times and she was doing great.  Then, I just felt like I should check on her again (even though I had just checked on her less than 5 minutes before).  I went anyway, and Ellie had tried to roll over and had almost slid out of the stroller.  Luckily, that accident was averted, but as I was rearranging her, she woke up.  Ellie played for about another hour while Greg was finishing up his card game, and then we headed back to the tent for the night.  Since Ellie had gone to sleep the night before so well, I had high hopes for a repeat.

It did not happen.

We had to rock her back to sleep and it seemed to take forever.   Ellie did not go to sleep until after midnight, and then she woke up at 5:20 screaming.  We fed her and changed her, and then she did not want to go back to sleep.  I ended up rocking her for about 30 minutes (because she was so close and she was so tired and I knew she just wanted to be asleep).  Finally, I could not do it anymore and handed Ellie off to Greg.  She was asleep within 2 minutes.

I did all the hard work, right?

After Ellie's rough morning, we were happy to let her sleep as long as she wanted.  She woke up around 9:45, and we got her dressed and headed up to the lodge for breakfast.
After cleaning up the lodge, breaking camp, and some last minute pictures, we were on the road home.  It was a wonderful reunion - a chance to reconnect with my cousins and aunts and uncles - and fun to take Ellie camping for the first time.

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Beth said...

Oh how fun! I have not taken either boy camping yet, but we are this month. I need pointers from you! I am so nervous!


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