Monday, July 19, 2010

Signing "Eat"

Ellie has started signing more and more, and it is so fun to communicate with her.  She regularly tells me "milk" and "bath," and has started signing "milk" AND "bath" when she wants to take a nap or go to bed.  Ellie also does "eat" and "more" and "please" on a daily basis.  I caught her on camera this morning signing "eat."
P.S. Check out Ellie's curls!  As her hair gets longer, it gets curlier and curlier.  I am so excited about that.


Natalie said...

Nice signing, Ellie!

Her curls are so adorable. I love curly hair, especially on little ones!

Beth said...

Too cute! I love the curls. Isn't signing amazing.

Jay is dropping some of his signs and just talking and it makes me kind of sad. Beck has a few signs, but not as many as Ellie.

Please just promise me you will teach her 'cold'. That is the #1 sign of all time!


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