Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Triple Date

On Friday night, we went to Cabela's with Russ, Elizabeth, and Davis.  We needed to get a tent heater for our camping trip/family reunion, and what better way to go to the store than to experience with friends!  We grabbed some dinner in the Cabela's grill, and then headed over to the shooting gallery.  Russ and Elizabeth went first, and Greg was holding Davis and I was holding Ellie, until E noticed that Daddy was holding another baby.  She just had to get to Dad, too, and then staked her claim.
After Greg and I took a turn playing horse (I won - and it was my first time shooting, ever!), we had a 30 second blitz to see who could hit the most targets.  Elizabeth won hands down, getting off all 20 shots and hitting 17 of them.  Way to go, Elizabeth!
Then we had a walk through the aquarium, and it was time to take the babies home to bed.  So much fun to hang out with people who like us almost as much as we like them!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

It was a super fun night! Thanks for inviting us. And thanks for giving me props on the shootout :) And btw, we like you at least as much as you like us...


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