Monday, August 30, 2010

Blast from the Past

Greg got his mission journals and pictures to go through while Jeff and Rob were here.  In the pack was a set of photos from 1994 and they are AWESOME!  I can't get my computer to recognize my printer for some reason today, so I couldn't scan them.  No problemo, I thought, I will just take a picture of the pictures with my camera.  Except that I can't figure out how to turn off the date stamp.

Ah, well, this is just the best it is going to be.  Enjoy!
This was a weekend trip in January to go to Paul's mission farewell.  He is standing with Nicole (?), who he was dating at the time.  Paul and Nicole started dating about the same time as Greg and I, and the boys had a bet to see who could go longer without kissing.  I seriously thought something was wrong with me after about date 6.  Greg and I went on 11 dates in 17 days before he kissed me.  Paul kissed Nicole, Greg found out, and we were kissing within minutes.  Funny how that happens!
Tammy, Brayden, Tanya, Greg, Heather, Kent, Paul, Daniel, Todd, Dad, and Rod in front
I used to love my Converse - had them in all sorts of colors.  Those and my Birkenstocks were basically the only shoes I wore.
Tammy and I both look different 16 years later, huh?

Obviously an outing somewhere - and the only ones I recognize are Shawn (who they always called Leroy) who is second from the left, and Brigham, all the way on the right.  Leroy and Brigham were 2 of Greg's roommates.
Saying goodbye to Paul in the airport as he left for Mexico.  Ah, remember the days when you could meet your missionaries at the airport?
Kyle's graduation from MSU
Baby Brayden


The Gardner Family said...

Wow! Those pictures are fantastic!! Keep 'em comin'!!

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe Greg had a kissing bet! He must be really competitive to not kiss such a hot babe for so long...

Carrie said...

What great pictures Heather!! Of course, I only recognized you and your husband... it's fun to see pictures from another decade :)

Rachelle said...

Loved the Ricks story below, ahh the memories, Dairy Queen, Rexberg, Windy...!!

Also the pics from 1994 are forever how you will be remembered by me. I loved them!!!

Traci said...

Wow, those are fun to see.

Mary said...

GREAT idea to take a picture of your pictures. I'm going to try that. You guys look so happy and good together - some things never change.


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