Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today we got to go to the doctor for Ellie's 1 year old check-up and shots.  She is developing just fine, although the doctor did say that she discourages signing with babies, because it can delay their speech.  I say, hogwash!  I would much rather have Ellie sign words to me and communicate with me than get frustrated because she can't say the word.  Her vocal abilities will catch up just fine. 

Case in point, after getting home today, Ellie drank her bottle.  After she was done, I was talking to her and asked what she wanted to do now.  Ellie signed "sleep" so I put her down for a nap.  Not a peep out of her, and she is still sawing logs almost 2 hours later.  That is the first time she has signed "sleep" so that is exciting!
Vital Stats:
Length = 30.25" ~ 75th percentile
Weight = 21 pounds ~ 50th percentile
Head Circumference = 46.5 cm ~ 75th percentile


Carrie said...

Heather - I think you're an awesome mom! Besides, I love hearing that other parents take what the doctor says with a grain of salt too... I mean/ 1/2 of the pediatricians probably say signing is good... besides, child development texts say it DOESN'T delay speech :). Keep up the good work :)

Traci said...

You are brave to take pictures of her getting her shots.
There are pro's and cons to almost everything in life. You are the mother--do it your way.

Renee said...

Love that girl! I can't believe that hair is getting curlier as it grows...crazy!


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