Friday, August 6, 2010

Gotcha Day

One year ago today, at this time, Greg, Ellie, and I were driving home from the hospital.  We were in awe and could not believe that the beautiful, tiny little baby in the backseat was going to be living with us.  I remember telling Greg that Ellie was stuck with us forever!

Today it has been amazing to reminisce about the last year, and especially this day.  We stopped by Mary and Bill's house for a few minutes because Mary wanted to see my blog books, and ended up overstaying our welcome.  After we left their house, we drove to get some celebration food, and I looked through Ellie's book.  She has changed so much in a year, and yet she hasn't.

Of course Tayler is close to my heart today (it is her birthday!).  I hope that today is a celebration for her as much as it is for us.  Ellie is such a precious gift!  I wanted Tayler to be a part of our day, and love this happy sunflower outfit she gave Ellie as a birthday present.


Natalie said...

Happy Gotcha Day! I love her sunflower outfit. She'd fit right in here in Davis!

You have such a beautiful family, Heather!

Traci said...

Can you believe how fast time goes. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes knowing what an emotional day that was for the both of you. And sweet blessings from heaven. Happy gotcha day!!

Mary said...

Overstayed your welcome - HA! Next time, don't run away so fast. :) We loved getting to chat with you all.


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