Monday, August 30, 2010

President Brown's funeral

Friday night we had the opportunity to go to the viewing for Greg's mission president.  Jeff came from Pocatello, and Rob, Margaret, Shelby, and Kobe came from Boise, and we met up with Carrie at the viewing.  We spent about an hour at the church reminiscing and talking with other missionaries, and then a group of us headed to Costa Vida for dinner.  Ellie was wearing her "funeral" dress (she also wore it to Grandpa John's funeral) and did great as long as Greg was holding her.
 After dinner we said goodbye to the group, and then headed home with Jeff and Rob et al.  We put the babies to bed and then stayed up til 1 a.m. telling stories and reliving memories.  Jeff is the best storyteller.  He had us in stitches the whole time bringing up old mission memories and Ricks memories.  My favorite line from the night was when he said, "tip your waitress, I'm here all week."

Rob will forever be one of my favorite people because he introduced Greg and I.  I had a class with Rob at Ricks (Environmental Geology, if I remember correctly), and we took a field trip one day.  We were literally on the bus for 11 hours.  During the day, we would stop and troop off the bus, look at a rock formation for 5 minutes, then get back on to drive a few more hours to another rock formation.  Being college kids, we were having a great time talking and laughing during the drive, but Rob slept the whole time.  It became a game to see which one of us could get him to wake up.  I won when I blew in his ear...

The next Monday, my roommate Rachelle and I went to Dairy Queen to get blizzards for the whole apartment.  This was kind of amazing, because our roommate Windy was the only one of us with a car, and that was the only night the whole year that she let one of us drive it without her.  Anyway, we are in DQ, and Rob comes in with Greg and 2 girls.  Rob & Greg promptly came over to talk to us (which I thought was weird at the time because I thought they were on a date.  They were with Rob's FHE sisters, so I guess that was OK).  We exchanged the standard greeting of "hey, how you doing" and I shocked myself by not saying "fine" but by saying, "not good, I can't find a ride to Conference."  Greg promptly offered me a spot in his car, and the rest is history.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the funeral.  We learned some good stories about Pres Brown and enjoyed connecting with more missionaries.
Greg, Clay Miller, Carrie Lloyd Edwards, Bryen Hulleberg, Elder Tanner
Jeffie, Greg, and Ellie
Margaret, Rob, Shelby, and Kobe Nash

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Beth said...

I have never heard the story of how you two met! That is just great.

Too bad about the funeral though!


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