Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sick Baby

This past week has been interesting, to say the least.  Ellie was really sick for the first time.

It started last Wednesday.  I had to go to work and move offices.  Beth, Sonja and I (and Sonja's daughter) spent a fun 90 minutes moving our stuff and eating sandwiches.  It was not long enough to really catch up, but it was so fun to see Beth for a few minutes.  I really miss hanging out with her - but I love Ellie more (and I know she loves Jay and Beck more than me, too!).  I got home and found that Hailey and Ellie had played hard, and Hailey got Ellie to sleep about 20 minutes earlier.  Ellie heard us talking and woke up, and I was happy to play with her myself.  I could not get her to go back to sleep, though, and just chalked up her lack-of-nap to me messing with her schedule.

So the tired baby and I snuggled and just hung out until Greg got home.  He immediately stole Ellie from me, so I started working on dinner.  Greg asked me if I thought Ellie was sick, but I just thought she was tired from sleeping less than 30 minutes all day.  Literally 20 seconds after Greg asked me about potential sickness, Ellie threw up spectacularly, all over Greg and herself.  Luckily they were sitting in the blue leather chair, and it didn't get on the carpet.  When she was done, we hustled into the bathroom, where Greg climbed into the bathtub for the clothes removal operation.  They hopped in the shower and I started a load of laundry.  I went back to retrieve Ellie and got her dressed in her pajamas.  We walked back out to the family room, and just as I got on the wood floor, Ellie threw up again - this time all over me.  It was back to the shower!

This started a long night week of vomiting.  The poor baby kept on throwing up, until she was down to bile and then nothing was left, so she was dry heaving.  We all slept on the floor in the family room (until Greg sent me to bed in the middle of the night).  We had a long week of taking turns staying with Ellie and trying to keep her hydrated and comfortable.

It was heart-wrenching to see Ellie so sick.  It is amazing to me how good-natured she was through it all.  There were definitely fussy times, but for the most part Ellie was so patient about not feeling good.  As long as she had her lamb to hold and her pillow (or mom or dad) to lay on, she stayed pretty content.
I am so grateful that Ellie is now on the mend.  She is slowly regaining her strength and her appetite.  She hasn't thrown up since Tuesday morning, and is now contending with diarrhea.  The doctor told me that diarrhea is fine for up to 14 days and that it is the body's way of cleaning out the bad stuff.  That is good to know, but I really hope it doesn't last that long!


Carrie said...

I'm glad she's feeling better!!! It's so sad to have a sick baby!

Beth said...

Oh that poor little baby! I am so sorry she has been sick.

I wish we could have had more time too! We need to plan a fun play date with us and our kiddos so we can watch my boys fight over your girl.

Plus we are going to have to go back to unpack and arrange our stuff!

Mary said...

Poor, poor girl. But still so cute even when she doesn't well.

Tiff said...

Poor Ellie and poor you!! I am so sorry she has been sick for so long!! I'm a bad friend for not checking on you sooner!!

Traci said...

Glad that E is doing a lot better and things are getting back to normal..


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