Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 2nd Annual Lehi Library Golf Classic

Yesterday, I had a chance to hang out with the Library Board during a golf tournament fundraiser.  We started nice and early - I got there at 6:10.  Since I am never up and about that early, it was shocking to me to see how many cars there were on the road.  After working furiously for a little while, the golfers started arriving, eating breakfast, and warming up on the driving range.  Then they were off, and we had a few hours to kill.

Amy, Amy, and I went on a golf cart adventure!  Amy C is a true genius when it comes to driving.  We went around the course a few times and schmoozed the teams, scored the freebies, and had fun laughing and chatting.
The golf course is gorgeous, and we had fun taking "scenic" shots.  Amy M has a great eye, and kept on yelling "picture!" and Amy C would stop so we could take one.  By this pond, we had an epic skid as Amy hit the brakes.
The bubbles in the pone to the left of Amy's shoulder were because a ball just landed in the water.  The golfers came zipping around to retrieve it a few minutes later...
Miss Utah came to help raise $$$, Karen had fun driving her around
The best game was shooting your golf ball with a pressurized "gun" as your tee shot
The Library Board (back row): Kristi, Laurel, Ed, Amy C, Karen, (front): Cindy, Heather, Amy M
It was a fun day, and Rachel was nice enough to keep Ellie for me.  Hopefully we raised lots of money for the library!

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