Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fun Day

Today was so much fun!  Elizabeth texted and invited us to go to Thanksgiving Point to walk around the gardens.  So after the babies woke up from their naps, we loaded up strollers and crackers and headed over.  The gardens were beautiful and the company even better.  We wandered around for over an hour, and Ellie and Davis were perfectly content to look at each other - and sometimes the flowers.
Ellie kept on trying to hold Davis' hand when we stopped for pictures
these fish were huge!
After Greg got home, he mowed the lawn quickly, and then we went out to play with him.  Ellie crawled all over the grass while I picked raspberries and Greg checked on the compost and the garden.  Greg picked a couple of zucchini and threw them out in the grass, and Ellie promptly picked them up and started moving them around.  We tried to get her to taste a raspberry - or even lick one - and Ellie would not do it.  But then she picked up her zucchini and started gnawing on it.  She obviously did not realize it was food...
 The grass was a little chilly, so Greg had the great idea of taking Ellie in the hot tub for the first time.  We got everyone suited up and headed in.  Ellie was in heaven!  She loved splashing around and kicking her feet and pushing her ball.  We had a great time.


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Traci said...

What a great day and cute pic's.


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