Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stake Farm

Today we joined some of the ward members at the Stake Farm in Saratoga Springs to harvest rocks.  No, really.  They got some new machinery that will plant corn 24 rows at a time, but if it hits the rocks, parts will break.  So we picked up the rocks and put them in a backhoe scoop and made the field safe.  We drove out to the farm on the new Pioneer Crossing road, and it was amazing how fast we went to Redwood Road.  I love new roads!
Ellie and I started by the group, and Greg pushed her stroller way into the middle of the field.  Ellie laughed and giggled as she got jostled about.  I was nervous, but she loved it!  She was perfectly content in her stroller for about an hour, as long as she was eating crackers and had people to watch.  But the group moved farther and farther away from us, and there were no more rocks in the vicinity for me to harvest, so I pulled Ellie out of the stroller and we played in the dirt.  Lauren kept us company, and we had a great chat.
Ellie was so worn out that she fell asleep as we drove the 10 minutes on an extremely rutted and bumpy dirt road back to the gathering place for a pizza lunch.  It was really funny to me how she fell asleep chewing on her binky strap.

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