Saturday, November 20, 2010

Odds and Ends

Ellie discovered flipping over today.  She loved it!  She did it with Greg on the floor, and then with me when we were sitting on the couch.  She flipped over backwards onto the floor and laughed and laughed!
 Our friend Kristin gave the girls these adorable outfits.  It is so fun to have them wear matching clothes!  In our quest to get a good picture, we got a lot of funny ones...  Luckily, a couple turned out.

 We also had a fun visit with Tayler today.  She came over to play with Ellie and to meet Lynlee.  Ellie warmed up really fast, and just played and played.  She walked Tayler all over the house and showed off all of her favorite toys.


Julie M said...

I LOVE those cute matching outfits!!!! What beautiful daughters you have! :)

Traci said...

The out fits are adorable.


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