Thursday, November 11, 2010

Placement and Coming Home

This morning was an emotional one.  We went to the hospital at 10 a.m. and met a case worker in the lobby.  Ellie found a new friend, an 8-month old that was also waiting in the lobby.  We signed all of the papers, and then Margaret came down to get us.  We went upstairs and went in to meet with our birth mom, M.  (M has asked us to not post pictures on the blog to protect her privacy). 
in the lobby
 Ellie was really cute.  She gave Lynlee a kiss and seemed really interested in her.  That is, until M gave Lynlee to me to hold.  Then Ellie got very concerned and did a fake cry/whine.  Once I was holding Ellie and Lynlee, Ellie thought everything was fine.  Then it was Greg's turn to hold Lynlee, and again Ellie did a little whine.  So Greg got to hold both girls as well.
 Placement was very emotional.  M is truly my hero!  We feel so honored to have been chosen by her to raise Lynlee.  Greg says that placement (both with Ellie and now with Lynlee) is so brutal because we can feel our birth moms' pain.  It is truly an unselfish and powerful love to choose adoption.
leaving the hospital
on the drive home, Ellie kept on looking at Lynlee and trying to touch her

Welcome home, Lynlee Elizabeth!


Rachelle said...

You are so blessed and the best part is you recognize it. You recognize the sacrifice, the love and also The source! Hugs to you, hope to see you later this month!
She is gorgeous and looks SOOO tiny in that car seat!

Bobi said...

Welcome home, Lynlee! Can't wait to meet you!

Traci said...

JOY!!! Placement is a very emotional time--many feelings mixed all together at the same time. We are so glad that things went well and you were able to bring Lynlee home.
Ellie will get use to having to share mom and dad.

The Gardner Family said...

OHHHH!!! She's home!! :) Yeah! I know you will enjoy every minute. I've been thinking about you all day. I bet it is so great to just be home with hubby and 2 girlies!! You look beautiful Heather! Pink looks good on you ;) You all look so happy! Congrats!

Beth said...

She is just gorgeous!

Ellie and Jayston can start a support group with each other! Jayston's whole world changed when his new baby came home!

Magson said...

Glad you were able to get her today! Cognratulations!


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