Monday, November 29, 2010

Shopping & Entertainment

On Friday, we had fun shopping in the afternoon, after all of the crowds were done.  Greg has needed a new drill for a while, so we headed to Home Depot first.  Then we went to Costco just to wander around - since it is our favorite store.  Costco had this cute recliner for kids that we had to put Ellie in.  It was a little big for her (probably designed for 4-8 year olds), but she had fun playing in it!  The smart girl even figured out how to put the bottom down...
 Ellie loves to entertain Lynlee.  She is always walking over to her and talking to her.  Mostly gibberish, but occasionally I will catch words like "hi" and "Lynlee" and "baby."  Ellie especially loves to talk to Lynlee just after I get Lynlee to sleep.
 Ellie was fascinated with Lynlee in her bouncer, and had to be right next to her.  Lynlee was wide awake and seemed to enjoy the attention.  At least, I tell myself that (since there is really no way of knowing what a 3-week old baby is thinking!).  And, of course, Ellie had to take a turn in the bouncer once Lynlee was done with it.


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