Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ellie has adjusted really well to having Lynlee around.  For the first few days, Ellie didn't seem to mind at all.  It was about Saturday afternoon that she seemed to realize that the baby was here to stay!  Ellie likes to give Lynlee kisses, and E is quick to let me know if L is making any squeaks (as if my ears aren't working...).  After giving Lynlee a kiss or two, Ellie is content to go back to playing.
Lynnie Loo is such a good baby!  On Saturday night, I had Lynlee sleep on one couch while I slept on the other one, to see if she would sleep by herself.  She did great.  So last night, I put her in the cradle.  It took about 30 minutes for her to settle down, but then she slept in the cradle for the rest of the night.  Greg and I have worked out a good system.  I go to bed between 8-9 and get in a few good hours where I am not listening for the baby.  After giving another feeding, he will come to bed and I will be on listening duty.  Lynlee is sleeping 3-4 hours between feedings, and so it is going pretty smoothly.  I am getting more sleep than I expected!
Lynlee's sweet birth mother came by for a visit today.  It was nice to see her, and to watch her hold and change and feed Lynlee.


Carrie said...

What beautiful girls!!!You know, I get all teary-eyed every time I see one of your girls with their birth-moms. It's so amazing to imagine the sacrifice they made, and the faith and trust they have put in you to raise your daughters!! I'm so happy for you Heather!!!!! They couldn't have chosen a better home and family :)

Beth said...

Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming. I cannot wait to meet little Lynlee in person. She is just gorgeous (and making me a bit baby hungry, that is dangerous!)

Traci said...

Your girls are so sweet. It is great that E isn't having problems with a new baby.


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