Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Story of Lynlee's Name

Our birth mom asked in her very first email to us if she could help us name the baby.  We had gotten together a few times before the birth, and we talked about names we liked and didn't like and tried to find a name that everyone loved.  We knew we wanted the middle name of Elizabeth, since M's middle name is also Elizabeth.  For some reason, it was hard to come up with a first name that seemed to fit!  Our short list included Amelia, Aubrey, and Leila.

A week ago, M told us that she really liked the name Lynlee.  At the time, I had given up on Amelia, and was still trying to recommend Aubrey.  After about 30 minutes of talking about something else, I asked M if she knew what Greg's and my middle names were. 

She didn't. 

Our names are Greg Lynn and Heather Lee

From that moment on, Lynlee just seemed meant to be!

It wasn't until after M gave birth and spent a few days with Lynlee that we all made a final decision.  It seemed to be everyone's favorite name, and fits this little angel very well.
Lynlee loves to sleep with her hands near her face


Rachelle said...

Love that it has so much meaning!!!

Renee said...

Seems perfectly fitting to me! Love the name and love the way you decided to spell it. Hope you first few nights at home have been good...can't wait to meet this little beauty in person! :)

Traci said...

It is great that everyone could agree on such a pretty name.


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