Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lynlee is 1 Month Old

At 1 month old, Lynlee

~ is a sweet and mellow baby
~ is a super noisy baby.  She especially loves to grunt (think: trying to mess her pants, although she is not - she is just grunting)
~ is wearing her newborn-sized clothes one more time, and is ready to move into 0-3 months
~ has a problem with the sleep-eat-play schedule we are trying to establish with her.  She wants to sleep-eat-sleep
~ doesn't like to be "messed" with.  Hates having her diaper and clothes changed
~ loves the shower.  Doesn't matter that she is crying from being undressed; as soon as she is in the water, she will sigh and snuggle in
~ is nicknamed Lynnie Lu and Lulu

1 comment:

Magson said...

Lucky you! Gwen loves her bath, but put her in the water stream of the shower and she's screaming and wiggling to get out of it. Which is odd since she loves to run her hands under it.. she just doesn't want ot be under it herself.


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