Sunday, January 9, 2011

...dressing up is fun...

Ellie knows what it means when I pull out the camera now, and she always wants to see the pictures after I take them.  Sometimes she will stand still for just a second and say cheese before saying "see, see, see."  This first picture is an example of her bargaining with me.

 We have been playing with Lynlee on the activity mat a lot lately.  Ellie loves the toys more than Lynlee does now.  This morning while Lyn was sleeping, Ellie put her baby doll on the mat and was shaking toys for her (just like she does for her sister).
Ellie's outfit was inspired by the outfit I knew I was going to put on Lynlee.  These leg warmers, shoes, and hair clip were a set that was a Christmas gift from Amy.  Super cute!

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