Thursday, January 20, 2011

life lately

In preparation for Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob's visit, Elizabeth helped me carry our queen-sized mattress out of the basement and into Lynlee's room.  It was fun - especially keeping curious helpers out of the way of the fun bouncing thing!  Once we had the mattress in the room, Ellie and Davis had a lot of fun jumping bouncing on it.  Later that night as we were visiting, Ellie took off down the hallway and was playing by herself on the mattress.  In the dark.
 Greg makes excellent fresh salsa.  Ellie sure enjoys dipping chips in it!  Hurray for "hidden" vegetables.
I had fun building Ellie's new convertible bed.  Ellie was also a big helper.  She liked "helping" me get everything out of the box and did a great job entertaining Lynlee. 

 wow, I can run in here!

 Lynlee upgraded her cradle to a new (to her) crib.  Greg had to take a side off to get it through the door of Ellie's room and into Lynlee's room.  Lynlee has slept great in it for the past couple of nights.

 Lynlee loves showers and baths!

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Traci said...

What a lot of work but so worth it. Love that bed!


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