Monday, January 17, 2011

Office Remodel

Greg's office has had a major remodeling project happening for the past little while.  Todd has been the general contractor, and has done a great job!  The girls and I went with Greg on Friday to check it all out.

Major changes:
~ Flipping the staircase around and changing the entrance right by the front door. 
~ Adding 2 more offices and storage closets on the main floor (now everyone has their own office space - no more sharing!)
~ Adding a conference room to the 2nd floor
~ Creating "attic" access with central air conditioning and heating, and storage shelves up the stairs
~ A "spruce" with new paint and flooring

 While we were playing at the office, Ellie discovered again how fun it is to get in and out of Lynlee's car seat.
 how many crackers can I fit in my mouth?

 Ellie found a crayon in her diaper bag while we were talking, and then proceeded to draw on the wall.  The freshly painted wall of Paul's new office.  Luckily, Paul had some cleaner that took it right back off...
 Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon came to spend the night en route to St George.  We always love when they come to stay!

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