Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Amy

The girls and I headed to my mom's house to say goodbye to Amy and open more Christmas presents.  I love opening presents, and I love that I got to do it again!  Ellie helped open a couple, and then was more interested in playing.

Among other things for all of us (including the cutest shoes & leggings sets for Lynlee), Amy gave Ellie really pretty hair bows and a sweater (handmade by nice Chinese ladies in China).  Ellie had to have all of the bows in her hair.  Mom got us more Signing Time videos (super exciting).

When it was bedtime, we all trooped out to the car to load in the babies and my stuff, and mom got her scraper to get rid of the snow on the car.  I pulled up the driver's side windshield wiper to get underneath it, and as it fell back on the windshield, the wiper popped right off.  We tried to reattach it, but it was broken.  Ummm, that was a little scary.  We cleaned the windshield off really well, and with a constant prayer I headed home.

I kept on praying that the Bishop's babies would be protected, and there was a tender mercy miracle in store.  The snow was swirling in my headlights, and none landed on the windshield.  Trucks drove past me and sprayed slush on the side of the car, and none landed on the windshield.  It stayed dry the entire way home - over the point of the mountain - through the blizzard.

When I got home, Greg had beat me by only a couple of minutes and was frantically trying to shovel out the drifts on our driveway so we could get in the garage.  Ellie and Lynlee had both fallen asleep, so I parked the car in the middle of the street and hopped out to help him.  We got the driveway done enough to pull in while the wind was whipping past our ears, and when I got back to the car, the windshield was so covered I could barely see.  More evidence of how we had been protected on the way home.

This was a beautiful reminder to me of the Lord's tender care of his innocent children.  As I look forward to the new year, I want to remember all of the tender mercies that are evident in my life.
Happy New Year!


Rachelle said...

Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your sweet reminder to look for the Lord's hand in our life.

Bobi said...

I am so glad you made it home without any problems seeing through the windshield. I guess our added prayers helped as well! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Conklin said...

What a miracle! Thanks for sharing! You have some darling pictures of some darling girls! Love your new camera!


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