Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

Our morning routine usually involves getting both girls up, giving Lynlee a bottle, feeding Ellie breakfast, and me doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen while E is eating.  Friday morning, I had Lyn propped in the couch during eating/dishes, and noticed she was super quiet.  I went to check on her, and found her fast asleep.
Friday afternoon we got to go play at McKinzie and Syreese's house for a little while.  Apparently all of our practicing with sharing is really sinking in, because Ellie "shared" a Froot Loop with Lynlee.  Got it all the way in her mouth.... 
sharing her doll
 Our friends have a gorgeous house, complete with a mini-museum.  Kent and Zack are big hunters, and they have beautiful animals displayed in their great room.  Ellie loves the bear rug!

 Lynlee was passed around for quite a while and had fun playing with Ann, McKinzie, and Syreese.  Syreese has the magic touch and got her to fall asleep. 

 Ellie's new favorite food is mashed potatoes with cheese (gotta love those Potato Pearls from the cannery!).  I made them a little more runny than normal, and Ellie made a huge mess.  So much fun!!!
 When Greg is gone for a game, bedtime can be a little tricky.  It usually works out fine if I can get Lynlee to take her evening nap.  This is the shortest nap of the day, usually lasting only 20-30 minutes.  Friday night, Lyn was not ready to go to sleep, but she was happily playing on her activity mat.  So I whisked Ellie into the tub for a fast bath.  We were just rinsing her hair when Lynlee let us know she was ready for attention.  Out of the tub and in to get sister we went.  We found her ready for sleep, so I quickly put her in bed.  Ellie was proud of herself for climbing in the chair and then playing peek-a-boo with her towel!
 Saturday we spent the day with Aunt Tammy and Greg and had a great time.  We went to the 4A and 5A girls' basketball championships.  Ellie was fascinated by the noise and the excitement, and loved eating the nacho chips.  Lynlee was a dream baby, getting comments from everyone sitting around us.  She laughed and smiled, and then slept through all of the noise and excitement.

 Ellie took about a 7 minute snooze in the car on the way home - her only nap for the entire day.  Notice that Lynlee is awake, and E fell asleep holding her cup of snacks.
 No nap on Saturday + Davis home sick = cranky in nursery on Sunday.  And with church from 1-4, we again had no nap on Sunday (except for about 5 minutes that she fell asleep in Emily's arms in the nursery).  This equaled a nice early bedtime, and plenty of time to play with beautiful Lyn!

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Carrie said...

What great pictures of your girls!! Nothing is worse than 1:00 church... I always love your updates, Heather :)


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