Friday, March 4, 2011

Ellie is 19 months old

 At 19 months old, Ellie

~ is wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers
~ is really expressive and loves to talk.  I love the way she says "soh-wee" and how "thank you" comes out "koo."  She also tends to say the second syllable of a lot of words, like COB for Jacob and BOP for Baby Bop and J for BJ
~ and can you tell that our new obsession favorite is Barney?
~ is really helpful and likes to say and sign "help" as she is helping.  Favorite things to do are sweep and hold the dustpan for me, throw her diapers into the garbage outside, and put her shoes next to Daddy's shoes.  She is also getting better about putting things "away" (thanks to our Kindermusik "put away" song).
~ likes to color and play with stickers
~ when she says her name, always points to her throat (see picture below)
~ likes to play pretend and mimic what I do, especially as she takes care of her baby dolls
~ lives on potatoes, yogurt covered raisins, and Froot Loops (those are vitamin fortified, so they are super healthy - and now they are made with whole grains:)
~ knows all of the rainbow colors + pink, black, and white (and correctly identifies them about 85% of the time)
~ can count to ten
~ knows 2 shapes: heart and star
~ is such a sweet girl!  I am so grateful to know her and to be her mommy


Beth said...

I love your monthly updates on your girls! I wish I had the energy to do the same.

Happy 19th months little one!

Amy Conklin said...

You (and Ellie) are amazing! I love you girls!


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