Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Fun

We are working hard to build up Lynlee's muscle tone - putting her through her "Jane Fonda" every day (as our pediatrician calls it).  So Lyn sits in the Bumbo, and jumps in the bouncer, and we kick her legs and move her arms a lot.  Ellie likes to help - in this picture, she is bouncing Lynlee.
 Shortly after her "work-out" in the bouncer, Lynlee crashed hard on my bed.  She often sleeps with her hands by her face, but this time her arm was sticking straight up in the air.
 Ellie loves to take baths in the big tub.  This morning, Greg added bubbles, and a new fascination was born.  This may have to be a morning ritual now!
 My sister Robyn is in town for a work conference, so last night we had a girls' night.  I met Bobi, Lyssa, Mom, Teri & Gwen, Aunt Chris, Aunt Phyllis, and Grandma at Marie Callander's for dinner.  Big news - my cousin Bryce and his wife Caitlin had their first baby, Patrick Henry, on St. Patrick's day (and they named him after Caitlin's father).  Then today, Robyn and Mom came over for a couple of hours to hang out with the girls and Greg.


Elizabeth said...

love that pic of ellie in the tub!!

Mary said...

What fun! And that picture of Ellie in the bath is amazing.


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