Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Love....

...being a Mom!

I love listening to Lynlee laugh and talk.  I love watching her figure out how to use her arms and legs, figure out how to grab at toys and kick her feet.  I love snuggling and drinking in her sweet baby-ness.

I love watching Ellie grow up.  I love singing with her and dancing with her and watching the same shows over and over and over again.  I love playing babies and doing puzzles and reading books.

 I love amazing moments.  The other night, Ellie was playing in her "nook" and Lynlee and I sat down to play with her.  Ellie was doing her thing, jabbering and laughing and sometimes saying words I recognized.  Lynlee was watching her and then Lynnie burst out with a belly laugh!  That made Ellie laugh, which made Lynlee laugh more, which made me laugh.  It was so sweet and precious.  And then Greg came home and heard us, and he started laughing, which started us all up again.

I love snuggles and kisses.  I love middle of the night feedings, when no one else is awake but me and my baby girl (either one!).  I love changing diapers and tickling tummies and knees.  I love kissing cheeks and fingers and toes.

I love that we have two amazing, sweet, happy girls so close together.  I love that we bought a double stroller tonight so that we can continue our outdoor adventures in comfort.  

I love our birth moms.  To say they gave us everything is trite and insufficient - but true. 

I love being a mom.


Erin said...

I love ... this post! It made think of all the happy things I love about being a mom, too ... and I sort of needed that today! :)

Beth said...

I love that this post made me cry! I love that you can be such an amazing mom to two beautiful girls!

I love that my boys have completely destroyed the house today but they are so happy it's all okay

Traci said...

I love being a mom too. Thanks for posting this. sometimes I get caught up in all of the busy stuff and forget the good things.
A double stroller, Yeah!!!


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