Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lynlee is 4 Months Old

At 4 months old, Lynlee

~ is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 3 diapers
~ is regularly sleeping 9-11 hours at night
~ is a good smiler and has laughed out loud a few times (yesterday at me and today at Ellie)
~ is generally sweet and mellow, but when she gets mad - watch out!
~ is really interactive.  Likes to look at herself in the mirror and responds well to talking and singing.  And she makes the funniest faces.
~ is ticklish on her back (that always gets a smile out of her)
~ is good about going to sleep on her own, in her own bed.  She wakes up so happy and is always smiling when I go to get her
~ likes to watch Ellie play, especially when Ellie is sitting right next to her
~ grips everything: her clothes, burp cloth, toys
~ has nails that grow like crazy.  I file them once and sometimes twice a day, and she still manages to get a new scratch almost every day
~ likes to chew on her hand and fingers (see picture below)
~ has the cutest, most kissable cheeks ever!
~ has long and curling eyelashes
~ has light brown eyes that almost have a green tint when the light is right
~ is such an integral part of our family.  It is hard to remember life before Lynlee!  We are so lucky to know her.


Kelly said...


Darci Dowdle said...

you are killing me with these pictures. She is darling and you have mad picture taking skills all of a sudden. I love your darling family. Both your girls are just so beautiful.

Renee said...

She is about as cute as a baby can get...I just want to kiss those cheeks! I can't believe she is 4 months already!

Mary said...

That darling girl gets more beautiful every day. Lucky, lucky you to hang around with such sweetness all day long.

Amy Conklin said...

She is beautiful - and those eyelashes are amazing!


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