Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Todd and Rachel invited us to their house Saturday to celebrate Cassie's birthday and have an Easter Egg Hunt.  We had a nice lunch (hot dogs, at Cassie's request) and then got ready for the big event.  It was Ellie and Lynlee's first time, and it was awesome!
Kyralyn entertaining Lynlee.  Kyralyn kept on trying to get Ellie to play, but Ellie was not to sure what to think with all of the people around, so she preferred to stay by Mom and Dad.

Ellie got to go first, because she was the youngest

Ellie was a little cautious for the first couple of eggs, and then she got the hang of it.  "MORE!" she would say, and run off looking for the next treasure.

Parker was our helper (the bigger kids paired up with the younger ones)

mucho props to Clayton for his photography skills!

girl cousins are few and far between on the Spencer side; good thing Ellie and Lynlee came along to help even out the numbers!

the younger set (+ Daniel, who "helped" Tylan) did the egg hunt, and the older set did a scavenger hunt

Opening the eggs was the best part!  Ellie would lick the candy and spit it or throw it back in her bucket.  I like that she doesn't like candy yet.

Whew!  In the time it took to put Lynlee down for a nap, Ellie fell asleep.  So sweet!


Mary said...

Beautiful pictures of a fun day. My favorite is the one with Ellie holding hands with Parker with the egg in the bush in the foreground. Lovely!

HappyCamper said...

Wow, looks like lots of fun. And it also looks like daddy is enjoying his little family as well! Happy Easter.

Darci Dowdle said...

These pictures are too cute. It makes me want to cry to see your beautiful family together on an egg hunt. I love it!!! Sweet little Ellie asleep sums it all up, what a fun day, thanks for sharing your pictures.


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