Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I took over 100 pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses.  They were being so funny that I couldn't help it!  Lynlee loves her tongue lately, and she can roll it into a clover shape.  Ellie is signing "scared."

Ellie wanted to hold Lynlee - and I swear their heads are the same size!

Ellie pushed her bracelet up on her left arm, and wore it that way all through church

Ellie had no problem opening both Easter baskets.  Favorite items - the new Signing Time videos!

After church and a nap, Ellie wanted to hold Lynnie Lou again.

Ellie loves to "get" Dad - and Lynlee loves to laugh at them!
Easter is a wonderful time of reflection and renewal.  I am grateful for the chance to celebrate Jesus' life, death and resurrection. 

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The Gardner Family said...

ok...the tongue sticking out is priceless! Your girls are too beautiful! Yeah for digital cameras that we can just take take and take more pictures! See you soon! :)


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