Monday, April 4, 2011

Ellie is 20 months old

At 20 months old, Ellie

~ loves to play pretend, especially with her babies.  She will tell us when they are crying, or have a burp, or are sleeping.
~ is really nice to her sister.  Yesterday afternoon, everything converged on me at once.  I was trying to get dinner ready, and Lynlee woke up, and Ellie was cranky because she was sick.  I got Lynlee out of bed and laid her down for one minute while I turned off the stove and got dinner to a stopping point.  I asked Ellie to go talk to Lynlee, and E ran right over and made L laugh by talking to her and tickling her.  Super sweet! 
~ likes to relocate her toys. Takes them from her room to the living room, to Lynlee's room, to the family room.
~ is so friendly and likes to say "hi" to everyone
~loves to name people in pictures
~ can climb on the kitchen chairs by herself
~ loves to color
~ loves to take walks, all by herself, and will ask to go
~ is a good mimic and loves to say new words.  Her cutest words right now are: chocolate (caulk caulk), backpack (pack pack), computer (poo-ter), piano (pah-no), Hailey, and Stella

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