Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lynlee's Blessing

Greg was able to bless our sweet Lynlee this morning.  I was worried that our ward would be completely overrun by our supportive family and friends, but with the holiday weekend enough people were gone that our guests just filled in the gaps.

One of the things that was most interesting to me in her blessing, was that she was blessed physically to be able to overcome the physical challenges she will have.  I know the key word there is overcome, but it makes me a little worried for what Lynlee will have to face in the future.

We are so grateful that Lynlee is a part of our family.  She is so sweet, and her birth mom is an angel.  I can hardly remember life before her!

We have had quite the weekend.  It started with spending the day in the temple Friday with Jonette and her family doing the work for Papa John, and then moved into Lynlee's sealing and blessing, and spending time with family and friends.  We also hosted a bbq, went to dinner at The Pie with all of the Spencers, celebrated Aunt Sharon's and Dad's birthdays, and hosted a brunch.

One of the funniest things all weekend came about because we were playing "Refraze," a game which gives you a clue like:  Grab the male bovine on his protuberances -- and you have to figure out the saying (take the bull by the horns).  Adam was not winning very many cards, and all of the sudden he got "as happy as a pig in slop."  (Have you heard that expression?  I haven't either.)  That quickly became the catchphrase of the weekend!

Ellie was also true to form, using the last syllable in names.  She called Lyssa, SA, and Adam, DUMB.

eating Pops' famous Campground Omelette


Rachelle said...

SO excited for you guys. Lynlee is beautiful!! Did you get some pics in front of the temple too? Hope to see you if you're around in July.

Beth said...

What a beautiful girl and beautiful family!

Elizabeth said...

Don't worry too much about the blessing -- her daddy could be worried about her upcoming helmet experience... Your pics are great -- I esp love the first one!


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