Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lynlee's Sealing

We had an amazing celebration of Lynlee this weekend!  The party started when Pops and Pat got in Friday afternoon.
 Ellie was fascinated by Papa and Nana, and would go looking for them if they weren't with her.  She loved to show things to Nana, and to say "Papa Papa Papa."
 Aunt Robyn and Uncle Kevin came over for dinner on Friday night with Pops and Pat.  Greg, the girls and I went to dinner with the Spencers to celebrate Kiera's birthday, and were able to spend time with Robyn and Kevin when we got back.

 Saturday marked the beginning of the special events for Lynlee. I told myself we needed to leave around 10:30 to get to the Draper Temple in plenty of time for her sealing.  I got the girls ready in their special going-to-the-temple dresses and we were loaded up and leaving the house at 10:43.  A few minutes down the road, Greg asked if I remembered all of our paperwork.  I had forgotten, so we headed back to the house to get it.  We got to the temple 22 minutes late...

Even being late, everything went smoothly.  Julie was kind enough to stay in the Youth Center with the girls, and my mom went in also.  Lynlee did great during the sealing.  She (understandably) squawked a little when we had to hold her hand on ours, but that was all.  We are so appreciative to everyone who came to support us on this special day!

And now Lynlee is officially stuck with us forever.


Beth said...

YEAH for getting stuck together!

Sorry, I missed it, my heart was with you though.

Elizabeth said...

Did your dad and Pat wear matching outfits on Friday? That is too cute!! For selfish reasons, I'm glad you got to the temple late -- if you hadn't, maybe we would have missed the sealing...because it takes a half hour to drive from our house to the (closed) AF temple to the Draper temple via Suncrest... I wouldn't know, or anything... It was a beautiful day; thanks for letting us be a part of it!

Carrie said...

Congratulations Heather!!!! Your girls are such little angels in their white dresses :)

Darci Dowdle said...

I feel blessed that I got to be there again. It's so touching to see your cute family all in white. Your girls were so cute in their matching dresses- perfect, that's what it was. Congratulations:)


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