Thursday, May 19, 2011

Piano Recital

Another school year, another recital, another success.  All of these amazing people performed well!  

It was a personal victory for Tyler, who played the way he and I know he can play. 

It was amazing to see star-student Jacob play his Festival pieces (because he did not play at Festival) with confidence, especially since he was headed to his Eagle Scout board of review immediately following the performance.  

It was a success for Madelin, who tackled an arrangement of Moonlight Sonata, the hardest piece she has ever attempted.  

It was a reprise for Sadie, who received honors at Festival, and we knew she needed to perform her favorite piece again.  

It was a piece of cake for Syreese, who took on Arabesque by Burgmuller and had it memorized in 2 weeks.  

It was a crowning achievement for McKinzie, who learned Clair de Lune in 3 weeks, and moved me to tears with her phrasing and dynamics.  (Can I just say that this amazing girl has far surpassed my piano abilities?  She really needs to find a new teacher -- wink wink).  

And it was fun to see how much Jace and Cassie have grown under Rachel's tutelage.
Ellie had to be in the picture - and you notice that she had to have Sadie holding her, and not mom!

Ellie loved this rocking chair and loved showing off for everybody.
Ellie loves Madelin and Sadie!


Kinz said...

NEVER!!! You are the best teacher ever. I have had you for 11 years and I am never going to get another teacher!!!

Kinz said...

NEVER!!! You are the best teacher EVER!! I have had you as my teacher for 11 years! I am not going to quit now...


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