Thursday, May 12, 2011


Our girls are so good that it is easy to take a shower.  This morning, Ellie brought in baby dolls and "cloths" for her babies, and tickled Lynlee.  Lynnie played with her butterfly (that jingles when you shake it) and kicked off a sock by scooting.

now, where did that sock go?
 I usually keep the diaper bag up high, but it was under the desk this morning, so Ellie capitalized.  She wanted to "change" her baby and had fun figuring out how to put the diaper on.
 Sweet Lynlee is really good in her bouncer now, and has grown so much that I probably need to raise it up a level!
 Hailey and Brinn stopped over with eggs, and stayed to play.  Ellie was in heaven!

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