Friday, June 17, 2011

Girls' Camp

I love Girls' Camp.  It is probably my favorite place on earth, a little piece of heaven where the Spirit is strong.  I have made myself indispensable, and got invited back again this year!  We have a new YW presidency and camp director, and they didn't know about my tradition, but the girls had my back and made sure I got put on the schedule!

My indispensibility is due to Heidi Smith from ye olde 25th ward, and her candy bar game.  I started the tradition in BR3, and love being involved.  I caught a ride with Jo, and we walked in to camp to a warm welcome.  The girls swarmed us and we were given so many hugs.  That was so nice!  Then we hung out and chatted for a while before setting up for the game.

here we sit like frogs on a lily pad, waiting for Sister Kitchen!

craft time

playing Big Booty around the campfire
 I was lucky enough to stay for dinner (mock-Cafe Rio salads with the yummiest dressing).  A fun tradition for Mexican night is that we all get Mexi-staches.

work it, girls, work it!

Hailey winding up for the pinata

Alexis gave the kill shot
After dinner and games, Jo and I went with the ward to the closing fireside and then headed home.  The girls were in the competent hands of Jace and Clay.  E&L were both sound asleep when I got back at 10:30 p.m.  The next morning when Ellie woke up, the first thing she said to me was, "where Jace go?"  And when I went to change their morning diapers, both girls had the tabs fastened in the back.  I would love to know how the boys got them to stay on like that!

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