Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Day Helmet-Free

Greg loves to give Ellie healthy snacks, like Doritos.  Especially sitting in the big chair, on the carpet, in the family room.
 I took extra time doing Lynlee's hair this morning, knowing it was the last time I will be able to do it for 3-6 months.  Once the helmet goes on, the hair curl will be a thing of the past.  I mourned the loss of the hair curl, even though it has been tricky to accomplish lately because Lulu's hair is so long.

if I reach a little farther, I may just grab the camera

 I have not been able to get a shot that truly shows the asymmetrical shape of Lynlee's head, but this one comes closest.
Greg and Ellie went swimming in the hot tub after dinner.  Greg had been in Moab with his Priests doing a high adventure camp - lots of canyoneering and rappelling and hiking.  He was a little sore!

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