Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

I love the 4th of July!  I love celebrating our freedom and our country.

We had fun celebrating at Paul & Staci's house.  They had already hosted 20 five-year-old girls for Kyralyn's first friend party, so a few families & fireworks = no big deal.  Thanks for letting us hang out with you!

During the fireworks, I took Lynlee in the house to put her to sleep.  After about 3 minutes, she was out, and we sat on the couch and observed everything outside.  I could not see the fireworks, but I could see and hear Ellie and her reactions to them.  It was so precious to hear her ah-ing and ooh-ing and telling Aunt Staci and Dad the colors she saw.  Such a tender mercy to have these beautiful girls in my life.  I was overwhelmed with love for them and their birth mothers.

I also realized in going through the pictures taken at this event that since I am most often holding Lynlee and the camera at the same time, Lynlee has gotten really good at grabbing the camera strap, and she also avoids getting her picture taken.  I need to be better about making sure she is in more shots.  I promise to repent forewith, baby girl!
Ellie had a lot of fun blowing bubbles with Aunt Staci
...those first fireworks were a little scary...
I'm having fun now!
Dallin was our pro-lighter
happy baby, even when she is tired
Ellie is fascinated with Parker, and he takes good care of her
I realized I did not have very many pictures of Lou, so I handed her off after her nap, but it was too dark...

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